Russia plans to cancel primary aluminium to import duty
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Russian new company is Muscovite on Feburary 14 Cen Jianuo of · of An Delie of antitrust bureau deputy director general announces federal of reportorial  Russia on the news conference that the husband goes in Zhou Sanju, in view of Russia aluminium course of study combines the birth of the company, antitrust bureau view cancels Russian federal the import tariff of primary aluminium. He says, the market after to be in new competitor is born is open sex, this answering that cancel the import tariff of primary aluminium appropriately. This proposal already had discussed with relevant section and get supportive. He emphasizes pointing out, to ” of competition of “ protection market, cancelling custom duty is inevitable.

Company of combination of Russia aluminous course of study is by Ural of company of Russia aluminous estate, Siberia aluminous estate company is mixed Switzerland fine can but company (e of r of o of c of n of G l e ) alumina asset is amalgamative establish, it will make the biggest aluminium on the world and alumina production trade.

Tripartite signed concerned company assets in October 2006 amalgamative agreement, according to Russia of this agreement provision aluminous estate company combines hold the share of 66 % of company, siberia Ural is aluminous estate company hold 22 % , switzerland fine can but company hold 12 % .

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