Exhibition of coating of the 4th Dongguan
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Date: Came 23 days on May 21, 2008

Exhibit a house: Dongguan international exhibition center (Guan city)

Sponsor orgnaization Organiser

Undertake orgnaization Co-organiser

Hong Kong eletroplates chamber of commerce of course of study

World trade reads extensively limited company (member of Long Heng group)

Guangdong of special support orgnaization saves coating guild

Support an unit: Be stupefied  " fat is wet; げ  enemy 

Association of industry of component of Hong Kong car

Association of manufacturing industry of Hong Kong decisive component

Association of trade of Hong Kong die-casting

Hong Kong casts trade association

Finishing of Hong Kong metal learns

Guangdong saves coating guild

Association of manufacturing industry of Hong Kong electric equipment

Postpone meeting brief introduction

Since annual “ Dongguan coating exhibits ” to establish from 2005, secured every year in May in Chinese Dongguan international exhibition center (Guan city) hold, in ceaseless flutter dimensions; On the foundation that abstracts a theme, through development of 3 years, “ Dongguan coating exhibits ” to already became the professional trademark with well-known industry to exhibit meeting, will 3 years accompany exhibit meeting dimensions and person energy of life to be climbed ceaselessly litre, “ Dongguan coating exhibits the consequence of ” to be shown gradually, got the height of industry business takes seriously, exhibit very can much old client 8 years to expand in succession exhibit an area, numerous new client also does not miss good opportunity, eagerly ginseng signing up is exhibited, extend the requirement of business to satisfy broad ginseng, “coating of international of the 4th Dongguan exhibited ” 2008 will in May 2008 21-23 day is in Dongguan international exhibition center (Guan city) showpiece, predict to 250 enterprises ginseng is exhibited, exhibit an area to be able to amount to 10000 square metre, exhibit more than 700.

Bead the market of coating industry gold that trigonometry —————— China has latent capacity most

China is the world production of the 3rd large painting and consumptive country, year production and consumption already all exceeded 2 million tons, market size exceeded 20 billion yuan. The rate that at present market breach still influences every year with 20-30% increases by degrees. And this grows among them the fastest is bead trigonometry. There are 8000 coatings to produce manufacturer about in China, basically center in Pearl River delta (Guangdong) with area of delta of the Yangtse River, and the coating total output that Guangdong saves occupies 30% above of countrywide. 2006, the suitable heart of the area of triangle of countryside ” Yu Zhu of coating of China of the first “ hangs out his shingle formally, indicate coating is in a Guangdong the market position of countrywide coating industry holds the balance. At present Guangdong paint business many 320, during program of 915 ” coating develops “ of industry of predicting country chemistry, the production value of Guangdong coating will achieve 10 billion yuan of above. And major coating trades to be centered in Guangzhou coating market. The bibcock of countrywide paint job is in Guangdong, the biggest market gap also is in Guangdong. There is 18% in the green detailed account that the government purchases namely 39 are seleted an enterprise to be located in bead trigonometry this gold market, and this second exhibit the support that can win Guangdong to save coating guild. Will be as supportive unit this second exhibit can provide strong support.
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