Course of study meets machinist of 2008 Japan food
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One. Exhibition introduction

Course of study meets Japanese food machinist what will use Tokyo BigSight at coming 30 days on May 27, 2008 is whole on the west exhibition hall, of the food machinery industry that runs by a definite date 4 days great exhibit meeting- - "FOOMA JAPAN 2008 (international food industry is exhibited) " . Since 1978, food industry exhibits Japan border to be revealed not only food is made and machine machinery, still reveal a lot of is opposite food makes the mechanical equipment that has main effect, include new raw material among them control of treatment, sanitation management, quality, pack, current, measure and the equipment such as the examination, already developed now become newest product, service and information assemble machinery and technology are exhibited meeting. Next year we will greet industry of food of the 31st Japan border to exhibit.

Industry exhibits the Japan border food 2007 to have 600 in all much home company joins, exhibit digit to break through 2500 close greatly, professional audience number is achieved 113, 354 person-time. Food industry is mixed in updating equipment, safe, sanitation a great effort of current system respect facilitated to exhibit the success of the meeting, promoted item on display again thereby what increase and extend meeting scope is patulous. Additional, more and more companies that come from each domains use this every year to exhibit can seek new business affairs opportunity. We believe henceforth exhibit meeting will more flourishing.

Below such environment, what the theme that we extend the industry of Japan border food of next year is " technology surely is great with the wind that is blown to future- - the cooperative " that the your person of food and technical domain is filled with exultation. We the staff member of these food machinery industry should go after " safety " not only, still should offer " of " of healthful to " environment improvement, consciousness of " environmental protection, " to reduce the satisfactory solution of the integrated problem such as the working " with cost " and more effective " to the user. We hope this is exhibited meeting can make what reach artistic state more showpiece achievement of the most advanced science and technology, the challenge that is people supplies a weapon, so that be in before long the goal that achieves safe environmental protection in the future.

We will do our best to be prepared meticulously industry of Japan border food was exhibited 2008, exhibit meeting the milepost that is about to greet the 31st this one brightness, it is sure to become the main base " that " information communicates, will begin active business affairs to discuss to be exchanged with information here, be versed in for food machinery course of study provides wonderful business affairs stage, in order to obtain greater progress. We will endeavor to exhibit this can do more conspicuously.
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