Price of Shandong area useless steel is new round drop
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Since in November since the first ten days of a month, shandong area abandoned steel market value to begin one round new to drop, it is steelworks of Lai overgrown with weeds reduces 80 yuan above all / ton, the useless steel that makes this Shandong churchyard the biggest uses up large family preliminary it is normal to purchase price fall after a rise to arrive price. Then steel of Shi Heng spy also drops 30 yuan / ton, such Shandong churchyard basically abandoned steel demand large family to handle useless steel more rationally to enter the contradiction between plant cost and rolled steel price.

Aid steel useless steel purchases valence to compare Lai steel originally low 80 yuan / or so tons, after this so Lai steel purchases valence to drop, of two steelworks purchase price level to keep balance basically. At present inventory of each steelworks useless steel compares hill happy churchyard plentiful, won't appear so the phenomenon that fool brandish.

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