Value of market of domestic vanadium iron rises smoothly last week
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Case shows market price of domestic vanadium iron to rise smoothly last week trend, without bigger go up, vanadium iron FeV50 quotes on average in 160000-165000 yuan / or so tons. Demand of home, international comparatives as before driving, ironworks of a few steel and middleman had booked next month ahead of schedule yield, this is the main reason that vanadium iron rises in price. Price of European market vanadium iron reachs 38-42 dollar / kilogram vanadium, 5 oxidation 2 vanadium price is maintained in 8.75 dollars / pound. 5 oxidation the insecurity of 2 vanadium and higher-priced make how much the manufacturer family expenses of a lot of trafficker and vanadium iron buys, the stocks of each place is not at present big, enter winter, vanadium mine mine will get adverse effect, because this estimates vanadium,fasten alloy market to still will rise steadily.

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