7 years popular product analyses hardware and forecast 8 years
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1, mould

The search number of annual of “ mould ” was achieved 5396, half year also is 2360, fluctuation half an year is spent keep balance basically. Make a comprehensive view the monthly pop chart of 2007 year, mould cannot controversy ground platoon is in head of a list of names posted up, the position of the mother that this produces medium industry in the countryman with it is not divided.

Mould, it is the fundamental tooling that industry produces, in the product such as electron, car, electric machinery, electric equipment, appearance, home appliance and communication, the component of 80% relies on 60% ~ mould figuration, the discretion of mould quality is deciding the discretion of product quality, accordingly, the mould is weighed for “ the mother ” of 100 course of study. The mould is ” of “ benefit amplifier, with the value of the end item that the mould produces, often be mould oneself value a few times, about a hundred times.

2, bearing

Amount of search of annual of “ bearing ” is 5396, it is first half of the year 2360, second half of the year is 3000, the attention of second half of the year is spent a little tower above first half of the year.

Be opposite according to association of Chinese bearing industry the statistic of enterprise of 113 keys of countrywide, 2007, 1- - in October, bearing industry finishs gross value of industrial output 30.1 billion yuan, industry sells production value to finish 30.3 billion yuan. Bearing sale is 2.21 billion.

2007, after bearing of Chengdu of annex of success of afterwards of group of Zhejiang day horse, have the aid of appears on the market successful, annex bearing of Guizhou rainbow hill, accuse bearing of Beijing age newlywed person, accuse again Qi Chong numerical control equips, promoted the competition of the enterprise actual strength greatly.

3, emery wheel

Annual of ” of “ emery wheel searchs data 5053, the platoon is in the 4th, also be mainer product, annual of make a comprehensive view searchs pop chart, emery wheel remains one of main products.

Emery wheel makes a kind when provide to grind, divide be made in machinery and in industry of other metal treatment outside be being used extensively, still use at the treatment of the metalloid material such as material of industry of commissariat treatment, papermaking and pottery and porcelain, glass, stone, plastic, balata, lumber.

4, electronic balance

“ electron says ” annual searchs data for 4701, it is first half of the year 2572, 54.7% what occupy whole about, fluctuation half an year keeps balance basically.
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