Market level analyses global tool industry
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From European GDP increase rate and industrial production value, and in light of many index such as treatment facilities imports and exports and consumption, before Slovak, Czech and polish rank 3 armour. And in before production value of the machine tool inside global limits is ranked 3 for Japan, Germany and China, before by the machine tool consumption is ranked 3 it is China, Japan and United States. Limitative machine tool produces what the main factor that German industry enlarges big country comes from raw material cost to rise, manpower resource lack and slow down of technical capability progress and the order for goods that bring about decreases, problem of material of its Central Plains is the mainest influencing factor. The APT(AmmoniumParatungstate) of important and auxiliary raw material in the hard alloy of main raw material of production cutting tool and high-speed steel is the problem of a heat in this conference. The chemical structural formula of APT is (NH4)[H2W12O42]4H2O, be manufacturing tungsten goods is main intermediate raw material and market trade form. By material of world main cutting tool distributinging graph is seen, among them high-speed steel is occupied 35% , hard alloy is occupied 15% . Basically produce an area of tungsten to draw elegant mountain range and district of Pacific Ocean periphery in Ma of the Alps, happy event at present. China has the tungsten mineral resources of 60% , on the international market because raw material is in short supply, the price of APT rises to left and right sides of every tons of 250 dollars from every tons of 50 dollars in a few the closest years. And the addition of cost goes to marry again eventually on body of user of cutting tool terminal. At present the relevant research organization on the world is aimed at this kind of circumstance, undertaking study actively, main research program is the dosage of the tungsten in all reducing cutting tool with the best will in the world, main method is a key in cutting tool to the part uses tungsten or design form of special cutting tool geometry. (Data origin: OECD, ifo-Institut, VDW, VDMA, nationalassociation, gardnerPublications, this data does not include component)

Look from the statistical data of American tool association, the growth of industrial production value 2006 is the United States 4% , predict to was 2007 3.2% ; Growth of production value of the machine tool end 2006 is 5.2% , predict growth was 2007 4.5% ; Growth of machine tool consumption was 2006 29.9% , predict 2007 will be 18% ; The increase rate of metallic treatment industry will last slowgoing growing, hopeful grew further 2008. Look from industry point of view, car and light-duty truck growth are slow, grow to lose by 2006 (- 4.2%) , predict to be able to achieve the weak growth of 0.5% 2007; Heavy-duty lorry, construction machinery, agricultural machinery and equipment were bigger negative growth 2006, predict to grew speed to will put delay 2007. And will climb again 2008 litre; Aviation product growth is most rapid, the growth end 2006 is 22% , predict growth was 2007 10% , was 2008 23% . From the statistic of tool industry data can see, place of prospective hard alloy occupies rate to will increase stage by stage. And the rate of high-speed steel product will decrease stage by stage. The statistical data of Japanese tool association shows, china has become the biggest machine tool on the world to consume a country, back-to-back move is Japan, United States, Italy to wait. Asian economy growth is rapid, according to the statistical data of Asian Development Bank, the GDP growth 2007 is China about 10% , india is about 8% . Below favorable economic environment, industry of Japanese metal treatment also persists in recent years fast growth, from the point of cutting tool production value, the output of hard alloy cutting tool grows continuously in recent years, and high-speed steel cutting tool begins to present downtrend, the volume of imports and exports of hard alloy all rises significantly, main export target is an Asia, it is Europe next, it is area of North America etc next.
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