Weak force of market level of double phenolic A dish whole
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Market of A of domestic double phenol continues early days is fatigued and weak go situation, because the near future approachs the value of cost line, although prices not beautiful, but glide rate is slow, whole glides 200 yuan / ton. Market of Hua Dong region consults the price is in 15800-16000 yuan / ton, china north area is in 16000-16200 yuan / ton, yellow country region is in 16000-16300 yuan / ton, market personage holds wait-and-see state of mind more, clinch a deal very few.

Contract of double March phenolic A discusses European region with on the month keeps balance, at present look already to transferred April, partial person thinks the price transferred stability in April, because did not discover downstream polycarbonate market to restore reforming up to now, demand of downstream epoxy resin also is behaved general.

City is forecasted after

Interest good factor: 1, accept cost restriction, the price glides faint 2, phenolic ketone of area of near future close ocean and device of double phenolic A center the overhaul, supply external finite

Interest empty factor: 1, downstream market demand is fatigued and weak 2, partial businessman is wait-and-see from city 3, partial businessman stems from pressure of the Fu Hui end the month, low throws money

The place on put together is narrated, the price with current A of domestic double phenol has obtained cost bottom line, partial businessman stems from Fu Hui pressure, low of lose money in business is sold. As the new arrival January, the market theres is no lack of have the possibility that raises price. Predict market of double phenolic A can lose first situation dish whole, the price may somewhat little scope promotion.

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