3 big factors restrict development of Chinese cutting tool
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As the development of machine tool of current and homebred numerical control speed is accelerated, lack is homebred this one blemish also exposes cutting tool of form a complete set so that invent more to show, chinese cutting tool lacks good product, numerical control machine tool deserves to be less than advanced homebred cutting tool, what issue did Chinese tool industry give after all? Recently, network of Chinese stone ability undertook discussing to this.


Who hurt our tool market?


Generally industrial city has market of some of mechanical and electrical products, ground of row upon row of is being discharged a lot of not quite not small shop, there is “ on fascia cutting tool of card of all sorts of cutting tool ” , “XX sells ” of cutting tool of numerical control of ” , “ to wait a moment continuously, and also be the market flourishs one piece it seems that, however this kind of prosperity that flourishs to reflect tool market truly? Actually, the reporter understands, these still are to manage the general cutting tool such as some of common broach, lathe tool more in shop, the client group that face also is small business more even mill business.


Structure of our country cutting tool is serious unbalance


Our country looks sale of cutting tool of the year before last year is 14.5 billion yuan, among them place of hard alloy cutting tool occupies scale to be not worth 25% , go with photograph of structure of product of international market cutting tool not only very far, also cannot satisfy the demand that domestic manufacturing industry increases increasingly to hard alloy cutting tool. In the cutting tool that domestic manufacturing industry consumes, proportion of hard alloy cutting tool already amounted to 50% above, the problem that structure of supply and demand is out of line is very serious already, it is a large number of superfluous high-speed steel cutting tool if really ever since with low exit or sale in domestic market.


3 big factors restrict development of my tool estate


“ China labour force is resourceful, cost is low, the development that affected cutting tool trade finally, rise. The point of view that ” Yuan Jiao gives sounds startling suddenly, after all, cheap labor cost all along is considered as the advantage of domestic company. The cause that “ creates current situation of Chinese tool trade has a lot of, we cannot criticize severely cutting tool to create a company blindly, and at present business it may not be a bad idea, industry it may not be a bad idea, also improving actively, we should be confident to future. ”
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