The promotion of cost of raw material manpower causes ceramics industry to rise
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Ceramics industry rises in price is not a fresh topic any more, a lot of people think ceramics industry rises in price much cry and little wool, the name is rise in price actual it is to be sales promotion to build situation. Actually otherwise, the lack of ceramics industry raw material causes raw material to rise in price, the promotion of manpower cost, export drawback reduce for many times wait for macroscopical environment to change to coerce ceramics industry must rise in price.

As we have learned, each enterprise of ceramics industry has had different rate rise in price, rise in price the movement is bigger is Guangdong Fosan pottery and porcelain, its price go up mostly tone makes an appointment with % of 5 % ~15. One does not wish the distributors of product of pottery and porcelain of divulge full name tells us: “ he all the time the Hui Da card that distribute Tang Shanhui amounts to group of pottery and porcelain to produce is wholesome clean provides a product, hui Da also has apparent carrying this year price movements. Everybody not only did not see rise in price apparently, and still the activity makes special offer, this can not suspect the fact that rise in price, because this year is Hui Da,the group builds a plant 25 years, the activity is bit more than in former years. ”

The change of exterior and macroscopical environment of ceramics industry is right the operation cost of ceramics industry, the ceramic that exports especially does not carry valence to hardly profit can pursue below the case that in exit drawback drops for many times. Partial enterprise rises in price the reason with not clear trend depends on whole industry competition turning white-hot, the affirmation that raise price causes the market to have of rate reduce, give a competitor the chance of market of a race to control, cause partial enterprise to go up sign is not clear.

Our country pottery and porcelain produces an area to basically be centered in city of tide of hill of Guangdong Fosan, Heibei the Tang Dynasty, Shandong. The main manufacturer yield a division that Fosan is our pottery and porcelain is very much, a lot of not famous small plants are hitting the banner fish in troubled waters of Fosan pottery and porcelain outside. Remind consumer to be in here recognize brand won't notice below the circumstance of the quality of resolution ceramic, do not see producing area be puzzled by card of a few essay, the banner that they are making Fosan ceramics but the price is quite cheap attract customer very easily.

Latter, ceramics industry is in bad news can environmental protection respect gave level of a lot of rigid, of short of standard will be washed out by the industry. Contented course of study is built to cancel Chinese famous brand before long before, can tall pollution concerns the high cost that divulge of the personage inside course of study follows the industry that build contented, the country will not support such industry development henceforth. Ceramics industry reduces bad news to be able to raise occupation standard imperative, this is sure to raise cost of ceramics company operation further, the trend that aggravate rises in price.
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