Palm corundum price rose again in July
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Electrovalency became the mainstream factor with palm corundum fluctuant market again July.

Henan area is answered hair change appoint policy, moved electrovalency on July, go up in 2.5-3 cent differs, of electrovalency on tone gives the palm corundum that compares a disorder originally the market again in order to touch. Current, corundum of Henan area palm piece makings quote is in 4300—4500 yuan / ton; Mainstream quote is in Duan Sha 5000—5200 yuan / ton; Fine pink quote is in 5100—5300 yuan / ton; Granuality is arenaceous in 5600—5800 yuan / ton. The market is supplied still be critical.

Because palm corundum price is fluctuant recently more frequent, each manufacturer all does not receive large order easily. And because the price is ceaseless strong tall, downstream client is to face huge cost pressure more, put forward goods to move the requirement of valence to steelworks in succession!

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