Value of market of corundum of our country palm is overall and stable August
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At the beginning of August, corundum of Henan area palm piece makings appear small fall after a rise, the mainstream quote fall after a rise of smeltery home comes 4200-4250 yuan / ton, but value of deep treatment product did not appear apparent fall after a rise. Till recently, the quote of manufacturer of area of Henan of fireproof Duan Sha, fine pink just appeared to reduce, current, the mainstream quoted price that palm corundum Duan Sha produces manufacturer is in 5000 yuan / ton up and down, fine pink quote is in 5200 yuan / ton up and down. As a result of before suffer the element effect such as environmental protection, electric power, output of whole of domestic palm corundum falls considerably, bring about the market to supply extreme nervousness, downstream and many stock up pulls together with changed extremely driving requirement, partial manufacturer quoted price shows empty slightly tall, and clinch a deal the price is in basically 4800-4950 yuan / ton up and down, recently of each manufacturer quote external somewhat fall after a rise, but clinch a deal the price still is maintained basically in before level! Export side, the price does not have occurrence fall after a rise, had tended stable, the price of harbor of Tianjin of FOB of Henan area manufacturer is in basically 760-780 dollar / ton.

The smelt of palm corundum includes the charge of each respect such as aluminous alumina, report, scrap, electrode and worker pay in cost, with current cost accounting, palm corundum piece the price of makings falls very hard defeat 4000 yuan / ton, enterprise of part of area of Henan of besides near future all was not produced normally, cannot release oneself completely to produce can, the market is supplied assume nervous position as before, the fall after a rise of the price may be short-term effect only, value of market of corundum of palm of the city after predicting will go firm!

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