Palm corundum price is small show trend of fall after a rise
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Arrived July at the beginning of August, whole of value of palm corundum market goes firm, the mainstream quote of domestic Duan Sha is in Henan area manufacturer 5000-5200 yuan / ton, quote of fine pink mainstream is in 5100-5300 yuan / ton, granuality is arenaceous in 5600-5800 yuan / ton. Quoted price of mass production manufacturer quotes than the mainstream slightly 100 yuan tall / ton up and down.
July, suffer electric power to be able to 't reach the environmental protection control of Olympic Games drawing near to affect, the enterprise of palm corundum smelt of Henan area is in condition of large area stop production. Enter in August, rate of go into operation of company of smelt of corundum of Henan area palm rises somewhat, ascend smelting furnace of feudal division share to begin movement, the furnace of above of half the number of 3 gorge area already can normal smelt, smelting furnace of part of Yi plain area also returns to normal, two areas manufacturer still is in Mian pool, justice horse in stop production!
Before palm corundum price all the way violent wind rises, rise in price except alumina of electrovalency, raw material outside waiting for an element, it is greatly during sufferring downstream enterprise to be an Olympic Games stock up and bring about demand to be affected strong. Recently, during the Olympic Games is held, downstream client issued enough stock basically fully, bring about demand of palm corundum market is relatively at present weak, before the supply of palm corundum resembles no longer so nervous, the manufacturer that keeps production for the most part has a few stock, this makes value of palm corundum market small show trend of fall after a rise, this basically is behaved it is on the price of a makings, july piece makings price reduced 50-100 yuan / ton, but the price of the deep treatment product such as fireproof Duan Sha and fine pink still does not have occurrence fall after a rise!
Predict, short-term inside the value of market of deep treatment product such as fireproof Duan Sha and fine pink will continue firm!

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