Vertical of nicety of first large numerical control is all-purpose grinder passe
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The vertical of nicety of 2MKM95160 numerical control that by Tianjin city development of limited company of the 2nd machine tool succeeds is all-purpose grinder, passed new product and appraisal of achievement of science and technology a few days ago.

The expert points out, our country is big country of global bearing production, but before grinder of nicety of this large numerical control comes out, home is used at machining place of the outer lane inside bearing of large high accuracy must congener equipment is to rely on an entrance more. Especially workbench is in directly the grinder of nicety of large numerical control of 1000mm above, it is to import a road only more. Because its entrance price is high and maintenance is disadvantageous, home owns this kind of equipment only plant of bearing of tile-roofed house inn very few a few, more domestic bearing create a company can be bemoan one's inadequacy in the face of a great task only. And this machine tool achieved international congener product is advanced level, can replace an entrance in the round.

It is reported, the 2nd machine tool of Tianjin city the factory is made at changing 2004 for Tianjin city decide target lock in blank of development fill home after limited company of the 2nd machine tool, achieve international the vertical of nicety of large numerical control of advanced level is all-purpose on grinder. Old expert of classics and part of institute of former Beijing machine tool gives full cooperation, company 2005 the bottom finished vertical of nicety of the first large numerical control the trial-produce of all-purpose grinder, then is become Shanghai machine tool was exhibited 2006, Beijing machine tool exhibited the one large window that go up 2007, it is at the beginning of 2007 bearing of oily film of too heavy group is special establish hold the belt of the with one action in grinding equipment international invite public bidding. Already succeeded at present according to statistic work off 4, in still 10 contracts are being carried out. Market prospect special value.

To accelerate the industrialization process of grinder of nicety of large numerical control, day 2 machine collective and as contributive as limited company of machine tool of swell of Beijing triumphant heart, established limited company of machine tool of Tianjin city Lin Kai numerical control, strive to be inside shorter time, the seriation of the product that finish is developed.

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