Yichang city plans to introduce diamond garden to curium an enterprise of matrix
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Chun Nuanhua opened the Wuhan of the last ten-day of a month in March, in people oral go up, have a word very hot also, that is ” of move of “ industry gradient, no matter be governmental official, still be company high level, discussing a such speech, going in carry out. Such heat conducted Hubei to save Yichang of the 2nd big city all the time, it also is one of cities of Hubei province deputy center. This city relies on the fundamental industry such as polycrystalline silicon, organic silicon, carry on actively industry of form a complete set, drive industrial chain to high end outspread. Rely on actor strong company, guide correlation to spend strong company to build up in crows, lengthen industrial chain, develop industrial group. In home the biggest diamond garden curiums a garden of matrix production industry, garden division chief says, garden area is preparing to recommend company of form a complete set, want foreign capital.

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