Shandong province will use new technology, new method to search diamond
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According to Shandong office of province land natural resources introduces, since last year, the deep of Shandong looks for mine and crisis mine to replace resource to looked for mine job to obtain significant progress. The resource of essential mineral products such as gold, iron, coal, copper looks for mine to all have major breakthrough, new discovery is important mineral products ground 17 place. Among them, county of iron ore of inn of Ning Yan of mine of gold of village of Lai city temple, aid, Cao - the coalfield that decide contented for large or oversize bed.

Shandong saves hall of office of land natural resources to grow Xu Jingyan to express, as drill and of exploitation technology rise, the exploitation deepness of domestic mine increases greatly, mining deep looks for mine latent capacity to already became a possibility. Shandong province will use new technology, new method, it is important to be in wait for mine into deep of mining area belt, mine and periphery advantageous area begins deep to look for a collier to make, the key searchs gold, iron and coal, the advantage mineral products such as diamond of give attention to two or morethings, copper, molybdenum, lead, zinc.

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