Feng Yang of the Anhui province lawfully " make stop " industry of 18 quartz are
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Company of environmental protection of county of organization of government of Feng Yang county, censorial, power supply, public security, industrial and commercial, land, install the branch such as inspect to execute the law personnel composition executes the law jointly group, 18 quartz that pay blowdown fee to stealing platoon, leakage platoon and refus lawfully are arenaceous manufacturing company gives cut off the power stop production punishment.

In recent years, this county government and environmental protection branch increase arenaceous to quartz enterprise to pollute processing strength ceaselessly, get clear result. But still arenaceous enterprise of quartz of a few enterprise is put in fluky psychology, put in illegal blowdown behavior for many times, individual business refus not 2007 year blowdown expends pay. Bureau of this county environmental protection is censorial personnel passes investigate publicly and privately, discover the 9 pines, mining industry that ascend treasure, Feng Tianshi for many times the 14 businesses presence such as Ying Sha factory steals a leakage the illegal behavior such as the platoon; Brilliant is filled, Hua Cheng, China couplet leaves civil refus of 3 quartz arenaceous factory not 2007 year blowdown expends pay; Arenaceous factory of emperor city quartz still stays to now have dark canal dark hole. Recently, this county is opposite lawfully 18 quartz arenaceous enterprise gives above cut off the power stop production processing.

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