Small boron lifts tide of sina of metallic processing technique
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Exhibit in CIMT-2007 on the meeting, the company of ” of “Microbor small boron that comes from Russia revealed distinctive cubic nitrogen to change boron to a lot of China person of the same trades (CBN) material and tool.

This technology machines function premise to fall in the cut that keeps outstanding, help industry business reduces cost and can improve manufacturing efficiency.

Cubic nitrogen changes boracic hardness to be able to rival diamond material, have more perfect thermal stability. The rigid in preform is abrade on treatment, be in in the light of exterior hardness superhigh the treatment respect of cast, cast-iron spare parts or pulverous metallurgy product, cubic nitrogen changes boracic composite material to have the advantage that cannot replace. Company of ” of “Microbor small boron is the cubic nitrogen with global not much amount to the material that change boron and one of tool suppliers, changing boracic small pink to arrive in each level that produces finished product cutting tool from nitrogen of synthetic cubic metre, have oneself patent technology. Its technology and product are applied extensively on the rough machining of different material and finish machining, include material of metal, stone, concrete, alloy and carbolic model material to wait.

According to “Microbor small boracic ” is in large company of Russia and Europe to check a result mediumly, differ along with what machine material and treatment means, compare with the other tool photograph of pottery and porcelain, hard alloy and composite material, the treatment efficiency that cubic nitrogen turns boracic tool raised 3.5-10 times. In the meantime, company of ” of “Microbor small boron devotes oneself to to offer the product that optimal sex price compares, in carry a product below the premise of reasonable price, offer for the client through using this kind of distinctive data more the tool of high quality.

President of company of small boracic ” Mr Alkesandr Timofeev is accepting “Microbor when interviewing, express, ” of “Microbor small boron regards China as the mainest strategy one of markets. Attend CIMT-2007 this to exhibit meeting, had been the product that its show oneself the 3rd times on Chinese market. 2006, firm of small boracic ” joined “Microbor twice to be exhibited professionally meeting, established partner relationship with company of native land China.

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