Current situation of industry of our country alumina is described
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In recent years our country economy is added fast maintain continuously in 10% above, industry increases a value to add fast maintain in 15% above, fixed assets investment is added fast maintain in 25% above, grow at full speed to the demand of all sorts of resource the sources of energy, aluminous industry of its Central Plains regards the crop in basic metal as the greatest variety, its produce can outspread expression to be highlighted most. This mirrorred industrialized town to change the our country in the process to be opposite aluminous huge demand, closely related the trend that also machines an industry to be transferred to our country with global aluminium. Alumina is the upriver product of former aluminous smelt, market structure change is tremendous in recent years, the price is fluctuant also surging forward with great momentum. Describe and look into what the article plans to do a generality with respect to the current situation of industry of our country alumina and future.

Our country alumina and fluctuation swim industrial recent situation

Regard former aluminium as the basiccest raw material of smelt, alumina is the intermediate link of bauxite and former aluminium, in recent years crop of our country alumina and entrance are measured (see a top 5 years) be in flying growth, in order to satisfy the raw material requirement with former aluminous breathtaking smelt. Crop of our country former aluminium achieved 9.324 million tons 2006, grow 20% compared to the same period, grow 35% possibly 2007 to reach 12.6 million tons. Amplitude of crop of our country alumina was as high as 65% 2006, this to a large amount of a kind of industrial product raw material character, it is extremely rapid; Alumina crop predicted to also will achieve 50% above 2007, approach 20 million tons. 2005, only import of our country alumina mixed 6.91 million tons for 7.01 million tons respectively 2006, because domestic alumina is produced,can put in swift and violent, entrance bauxite replaces entrance alumina, predicted to import a quantity to meet completely 2007 under 6 million tons. Bauxite of our country entrance is only 2005 2.17 million tons, produce as alumina can release quickly, import volume was as high as 9.68 million tons 2006, add fast for 347% ! , our country bauxite imported a quantity to achieve 23 million tons probably 2007, add fast achieve 137% ! And in price respect, price of 1-2 quarter alumina ever was as high as 6600 yuan 2006, lowest of criterion of the end of the year drops to 2300 yuan; Major 2007 while is in 3000-4000 yuan interval wanders, and December, the price breaks through 4000 yuan, had achieved 4300 yuan, aluminium is in in the time of a month move price accumulative total twice continuously 700 yuan reach 4200 yuan. Meanwhile, original aluminous price glides ceaselessly however, at present the price under 18000 yuan, had approached the cost line of partial aluminous smeltery. 2006, the alumina market 2007 is your home two years when relevant enterprise surging thoughts or emotions rises and fall, from above data etc do not we can see a few marked characteristics in the data of enumerate.
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