Process of stone material standardization is strong start
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Since reforming and opening, development of industry of lumber of our country stone is swift and violent, stone material product produced indispensable main effect in modern city construction not only, also participating in international to the industry divides the work and extended international market respect to form stronger competitive dominant position at the same time. Statistical number makes clear, in exit of our country building materials stone material product is successive also of more than 10 hold single product to export quantity first position. However, as process of economic globalization, unifinication accelerate ceaselessly, develop state-owned all adopted “ technology patent to change, ” of globalization of patent standardization, standard is politic, metric system of international of race to control counterpoises surely, achieve the goal that leads world economy tide, implementation technical forestall thereby. For instance: Japan formulated strategy of competition of standard of international of “ contention ” ; The United States with strategy of standard of international of ” of “ control, contention, main field establish waits in IT, healthy, safe, environmental protection position of its competition advantage; The European Union is passed formulate strategy of standard of international of “ control ” the earliest, evolve European Union standard the country ground level is pushed to the world; A few burgeoning industrialized countries also consider to make “ chase respectively, span the international standard competition of type ” is politic, obtain the participation between international standardization in order to strive for authority and substantial right to speak.

As we have learned, the country wants to exceed to 9540 “ during 915 ” of “ get ” state level to undertake editing, will make every year, edit 6000 states level. With respect to stone lumber industry character, the country of the stone material product that carries out at present and product of relevant and auxiliary material and occupation standard are only 30 multinomial, cannot satisfy the need that the industry admits far. In stone lumber company, order according to sheet do, product standards, sort is multifarious, each phenomenon that produces a product by ” of each “ standard exists generally, product standard is non-standard, skimble-scamble, many the product produces “ cannot can depend on, random but abide ” - what the product standardizes is serious be short of estrangement lag, the health that restricted an industry already badly can develop continuously, the butt joint that restricted product innovation and exit product and international industry product badly is right mark. Consequently, cause product of material of our country stone to export need to answer the country such as old, Han, European Union ceaselessly oppose dumping and technical camp.
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