Reform of enterprise of state-owned emery wheel obtains smooth fruit county dele
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Dependency of county of basis of smooth fruit county has the real case of the enterprise, firm stresses state-owend enterprise reform, dish vivid company assets, since 2002, make selling with property right cession is the enterprise of core to change make the work. Changing in controlling a process, smooth fruit county insists to be helpful for the business development, production that is helpful for solving a worker from beginning to end life problem, be helpful for capital optimizing. According to one factory the one plan, principle that makes appropriate because of the factory, guide an enterprise actively to sell through property right make over, depart of stripping and slicing auctions significant asset, annex, company to make transform, go bankrupt change make wait for a variety of forms to carry out change make. Serious to the part endowment not pay a debt in kind or by labour, cannot take the company that share-holding system is transformed or hires all up external seasonable attune is rectified and reform make a form, be like emery wheel factory, by the stripping and slicing of former protocol depart is adjusted after be being managed to be rented first, go bankrupt lawfully.

Advancing an enterprise to change in controlling a process, rigid standard changes this county make a program, evaluate through belongings check, financial audit, asset, entrust intermediary orgnaization to undertake auctioning waiting for a program, introduce market competition mechanism, the means that uses open contest price undertakes cession, deal with, implementation is state-owned capital gains is the biggest change, ensure state-owned asset not prediction of a person's luck in a given year. Current, this county is state-owned asset deals with the project already came true to enter the arena publicly entirely trade, open contest price. Through “ strong strong amalgamative ” , “ introduces the mode such as strategic associate ” to transform the company after making, face the market directly, manage through aggrandizement interior at the same time, improve manufacturing technology, develop to exhibit the means such as direction of industry of sale channel, change to find out beneficial of road, synergism for the enterprise. From already changed the company that control to look, the enterprise of great majority already found an outlet, cast off predicament, some enterprise benefit begin to pick up, submit form of good development state of affairs. (government of smooth fruit county does)

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