2008 India (Bombay) exhibition of international machinery industry
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Indian mouth is numerous, economic development is rapid, it is the key area that strategy of diversity of our country executive market and “ visit ” strategy. Indian politics condition is stable in recent years, social order is favorable, economy grows continuously. Indian Gross National Product amounted to seven hundred and ninety-six billion one hundred and forty-three million dollar 2006, the Asia is ranked the 3rd, the world is ranked the 10th. In recent years India expands increasingly to the demand of Chinese commodity, already became China to be in South Asia area the largest trade is companionate.

Develop India and South Asia market to help a company, bureau of development of foreign trade of Department of Commerce will combine head office of imports and exports of Chinese mechanical equipment, hold in Indian Bombay 2008 India (Bombay) exhibition of international machinery industry. Should exhibit meeting general in May 2008 15~17 day is held in Bombay exhibition center.

Imprint in the relationship is increasingly close

In November 2006, hu Jintao of Chinese state chairman is attended in Bombay in imprint peak of collaboration of classics trade investment meeting and presiding apparitor forum, publish serious talk. Chairman Hu Jintao points out, imprint in lie to develop period quickly, the front is facing the historic opportunity that accelerates development. Print and distribute is exhibited in, deepen mutual benefit of comprehensive collaboration, implementation for two countries double win offerred precious opportunity. Our two countries should seize opportunity, extend collaboration, drive trade of two countries classics to cooperate to develop to deepness and range further, make contribution to promote respective nation development and Asia to revitalize.

In January 2007, wen Jiabao of premier of Chinese the State Council interviewed Indian premier Xin Ge. Both sides agrees consistently, continue to maintain momentum of exchange visits of two countries high level, major problem compares notes in time. Take positive step, fulfil two countries seriously " collaboration of comprehensive classics trade plans 5 years " and " the agreement that promote and protects investment " , in be being finished as soon as possible, imprint the feasibility that area commerce arranges combines research. Strengthen the communication in side of macroscopical economy strategy, discuss build bilateral official and expert fixed negotiation mechanism.

Indian trade development is rapid, exuberant to machinery and electric subclass product requirement and entrance.

In recent years economy grows India rapid, the economy in becoming a developing country develops one of nations with higher level.

Indian commerce and service line of business developed, hold industrial construction 50.2% , agriculture takes decisive place in national economy, amount to 24% , but level of industrial whole development is backward, occupy only 26% .
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