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Postpone meeting brief introduction

Machinery of the largest international exhibits Hua Na (5000 stall, 100 thousand square metre)
In November 2008 11 - 14 days
Guangdong contemporary international exhibits a center (Dongguan large market)
Mould of international of the 10th Dongguan and metallic treatment exhibit DMP
Metal of ad hoc international shapes, treatment of mould, accurate gold, die-casting and cast technical house
SouthChinaMold&Die, metalParts&Die-CastingTechnologyPavlion
Sponsor an unit / Organizedby:
Dispatch tells exhibition company / PaperCommunicationExhibitionServices
(the dispatch that bourse of Hong Kong combination appears on the market is connected accuse a limited company member)
Hong Kong: 9 dragon of Hong Kong watch a pond to become estate market 11 date China become industrial and commercial center 5 words building 15 rooms
Rm.15, 5/F, wahShangCentre, 11ShingYipSt, kwunTong, hongKong.
Shanghai: Shanghai hits Pu Lu square of yulan magnolia of a gold on the west building 1005 rooms (200023)
TEL: 021-63045419-218FAX:8621-64181136
Contact: Wangqi establishs gentleman MP: 13764274482
Undertake unit:  of Xing of bake in a pan of appraise of Qin of enough Mei of shrimp Q mound aing kind of sweet grass
About Dongguan
Economy of Hua Na market flourishingly, dongguan machinery is exhibited achieve a summit again, open as economy, hua Na area leads industry development is rapid, guan of its middle east is the industrial base with Hua Na the hugest district, dongguan city shares 32 garrison posts, many 50 thousand enterprise, among them 3 endowment the enterprise is occupied 15, 000. The equipment that produces to industry accordingly and raw material demand are avid. Province economy increase rate forecasted the whole nation and Guangdong to be for the target respectively 2007 8.5% reach 22% . Guangdong saved amount of imports and exports to be three hundred and fifty-seven billion one hundred and thirty million dollar 2007, than going up year of growth 26.2% , 30.9% what hold total of imports and exports of countrywide foreign trade, reside the first firmly. 645.18.4 100 million dollars increase amount of imports and exports of city of Guan of its middle east compared to the same period 24% , 12-15 day held in November 2008 [Dongguan international machinery and raw material are exhibited] answering powerful market demand, hold in the light of domestic user and the requirement that improve product quality. Current exhibit meeting dimensions to will increase 40% , achieve 100 thousand square metre.
Hua Na market is huge, stand with Beijing and Shanghai field three rival powers, the uniqueness of Hua Na market is strong, be not Beijing or Shanghai field can be compatible.
Dongguan international mould and metallic treatment unfold the opportunity that will seize China to join world trade, achieve in all with each manufacturer brilliant!
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