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ProPak China 2008, the China International treatment of industry first selection and grand meeting of package machine trade will in July 2008 9–New international of Shanghai of 11 days of regain reads extensively center. The area of more than 80% has made work exhaust, item on display involves trade of dairy produce, medicine, cosmetic, food, snack, candied, beer, beverage, fast consumable what treatment and bag furnish equipment reveal is current exhibit meeting, dimensions exceeds 34000 square metre.

Sponsor an unit border conference exhibits Hua Hanguo (Shanghai) chief inspector of limited company deputy project Ms. Liang Enzi says: Domestic ginseng exhibits “ this year company measure is uptodate already increase sharply 20% , new the enterprise that join in exports the market to develop international further and the lot joins ProPak China about. 3 what came from the whole world last year, 603 major are abroad buy the home, enclothed Asia, Africa, middle east and South-American and other places. The business is postponed in numerous home ginseng in, shanghai is stridden power package machine limited company heads a company as essential industry, be in not only this year extend the agreement that 300 square metre signed again in the meeting, at the same time affirmatory also also will attend ProPak China 3 years with showing an area identically henceforth. Shanghai strides power chief inspector of sale of package machine limited company Mr Wu Jiang can evaluate to exhibiting: “ this year (ProPak 2007) the new product of our company got a lot of abroad the favour that buys the home, especially of middle east area buy the home righter this new product purpose is very. ”

ProPak China 2008 got as always abroad exhibit a group support energetically, these exhibit a group to include respectively: Area of Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, England and United States, guild delegate is: Commerce of meeting, big Han invests industry of package machine of association of German machine production association, the Italian IPAK-IMA, Japan technology that pack, Japan brace up food of treatment of consortium of a person of same business of industry of machine of area of association of package machine of company of a sudden flash of inspiration, Korea, Taiwan, England and package machine association, United States machines mechanical supplier association, United States. IPAK–IMA, italy is the biggest pack exhibit sponsor an unit to guide Italian company to attend ProPak China 2008 first, in order to serve as the first pace that they open Chinese market. German VDMA has affirmed the ginseng of 500 square metre exhibits an area, the least 14 companies attend. German machinery makes manager of department of association package machine Miss Vera Fritsche say: The ginseng that “ Germany exhibits a group postpones a business the ginseng 2007 exhibits special satisfaction the effect. Pack in the light of China since ProPak China is long-term reach treatment market, exhibit business to provide the platform of ideal business affairs of speak or sing alternately for Germany. In the meantime, association of Korea package machine should the demand of the member, the ginseng 2008 exhibits an area to increase 135 square metre.
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