The 4th 2008 China (Tianjin) exhibition of international machine tool
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Postpone meeting brief introduction

Sponsor an unit: Tianjin Electromechanical industry (accuse) equipment of city of group company Tianjin runs association
Tianjin of bureau of invite public bidding of equipment of Tianjin city Electromechanical makes rich China the exhibition serves limited company
Maintenance of management of equipment of Tianjin city machinery and transform technical society
Undertake unit: Tianjin makes rich China the exhibition serves limited company
Abroad representative: Taiwan east with Japan of exhibition limited company 3 England border shows limited company >> > CITME2007 reviewing
CITME regards mechanical equipment industry as support of each authoritative branch your kind effort and sponsorred " China (Tianjin) " of exposition of international machinery equipment is with powerful market demand is rely on, the industry distinguished gathering of the mechanical equipment field that makes jointly. With its dimensions tall, ginseng exhibits big, professional level the manufacturer is much, showpiece the product is new and in industry far-reaching, reputation is outstanding. Annual technical communication and commerce negotiate grand meeting, already became Chinese mechanical industry to have one of great event of consequence most.
Before CITME is passed 3 experience is accumulated, dimensions expands ceaselessly, the influence increases ceaselessly, service level rises ceaselessly, already developed the main great event that becomes industry of northern region machine tool to not allow to miss, it is understanding of domestic and international manufacturer and the important way that enter northward market.
>> > CITME2007 data analysis
■ assemble nearly 350 ginseng exhibit 8 countries and area business, among them abroad postpone business 15;
■ showpiece dimensions is close 13 thousand square metre, grew 86% than 2006;
■ ginseng exhibit business to manage to me the organization evens more 10 thousand domestic and international major buy the home satisfied, the course is accumulated for years, my department looks around purchase trade data to already amounted to 200 thousand; Pass questionnaire to investigate:
Of ——95% exhibit business to expressed to be able to contact respective cause client through exhibiting, extended commerce network;
The professional audience of ——90% thinks to should be exhibited can be the important channel of new product of understanding new technology and trade news;
The professional audience of ——82% thinks to should be exhibited the meeting is decision-making to purchasing have major effect.
>> > the classification of occupation of CIMEE2007 audience
■ car / bicycle / component 15% ■ mould 26% ■ hardware 8%
■ shipping / aviation / war industry 8% ■ machinery is made 19% ■ home appliance 6%
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