International of the 4th Shanghai is cast, forging, heat treatment and industria
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Postpone meeting brief introduction

Approve an unit: Ministry of science and technology of People's Republic of China
Sponsor an unit: Limited company of service of Shanghai Shen Shi exhibition is abroad form a delegation unit: American Ductile Iron Society
Shanghai heavy equipment makes guild Germany cast cartel to meet
Association of aluminium alloy of Japan of chamber of commerce of course of study of metallurgy of federation of countrywide industry and commerce
Support an unit: Taiwan of society of Chinese machinist Cheng forgings association Europe forgings association
Media of collaboration of association of Chinese auto industry: Mechanically-laid web of China of network of information of international casting trade
Shanghai casts association international heat treatment net China metal machines a net
Shanghai forgings steam of association whole world matchs net of the casting in the net
Tianjin city casts a society to cast equipment to consider " " contemporary and cast-iron "
Undertake unit: Shanghai Shen Shi shows service limited company " v technology " " v equipment and production technology "
Contact: Lin Sen 13524321255
[postpone meeting introduction] suffer fully inside course of study the “MTMSHANGHAI2007”5 that the personage pays close attention to is in center of Shanghai international exhibition, Shanghai 12 days month world trade store two houses fell satisfactorily at the same time heavy curtain. Exhibition of 25000 much square metre exhibit an area, 455 international home ginseng postpones business, set 905 standards to exhibit in all, metallurgy 174 enterprises, steel tube 115 enterprises, cast, forging 100 enterprises, integrated 66 enterprises, product of nearly 2000 kinds of new and high technologies is revealed freely to guest of China and foreign countries.
Get better progress for the industry, “MTM” exhibits those who suffer association of steel tube of Tianjin seaside developing zone, China, Tianjin to cast a society to invite, “MTMTIANJIN2007”10 month is sponsorred 10 numbers in Tianjin seaside. Exhibition area is close 15000 square metre, add up to ginseng of 192 international home postpones business, attract in all 1, 4216 person-time 1, 3200 audiences are present look around, among them abroad audience 1016, come from 32 countries and area respectively, specialization the ginseng of the audience can make exhibit can present favorable effect.
“MTMSHANGHAI2008” will be sponsorred at was in beautiful Shanghai in August 2008. To get used to the need of the market, ad hoc major exhibits concentration to show cast, forging, steely, metallurgy and product of form a complete set.
[welcome sex of acceding state border to purchase trade grand meeting] it is previous term or session exhibits the one big characteristic of the meeting internationally. “MTMSHANGHAI” was attracted in all 2 what come from world each district, audience of 0134 people place is present look around, the 3015 abroad audience of 80 countries in including 6 continent and area, activity of conference of more than 20 forum, offerred development to analyse to present audience reach successful experience to deliver. The statistic of investigation panel survey that surveys a company through tripartite major shows: The ginseng of 96 % exhibits business to express to be able to continue to support “MTMSHANGHAI2008” , the audience of 89.6 % expresses exhibit still can choose to look around. More and more major buy the home to come round in succession “MTM” exhibits business seek new product, new technology, it is important that they regard those who purchase information of information of industry of product, knowledge as to pick year surely exhibition exhibition economic and trade activity, the internationalization position that all these all indicated adequately to “MTM” is exhibited and fame. “MTM” postpones the industry big meeting that makes tall, essence, top, be in successfully ginseng exhibit compose is built between business and user remove convenient, efficient, communicate, the platform of mutual benefit, the abidance that promoting trade of global metallurgy iron and steel, healthy, harmonious development! ◎ MTMSHANGHAI all previous data
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