2008 Jin Hua machine tools and mould make equipment and plastic industry exhibit
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Time: On June 3, 2008 - place of 5 days of   : Centers of 8 the exhibition that chant

Sponsor an unit: City of the mould in short for Zhejiang Province of city of Jin Hua of guild of mould of golden China city [2008] 001

Support an unit: Zhejiang saves Economic Commission of golden China city
Zhejiang saves mechanical Joint Industry Conference

Assist run an unit: Limited company of equipment of Electromechanical of cloud of condition of golden China city
Machine tool of double tall of justice black city sells limited company
Shake hero is mechanical (Ning Bo) limited company

Undertake unit: Jin Huaya be an official can exhibit service limited company

Appoint mechanically-laid web of China of net of tool of machine tool of China of net of business of propagandist China machine tool
Website: China is plastic net of mould of China of   of   of net of Hui Cong of Hc360 of mechanically-laid web  

“ conforms big Shanghai, the forward position that blends in long triangle ” carries out “ industry to establish city strategy, make ” of advanced manufacturing industry base


The Na Yi inside circle of economy of delta of river of Jinhuade section chief, east adjacent stage continent, na Lianli water, adjoin thoroughfares on the west continent, north and Hangzhou, carry on is promoted receive reject. Golden China urban district is the political culture center of city class, it is the kernel of city of center of ministry of Zhejiang Chinese and Western, it is the area of central business affairs of the city in short for Zhejiang Province. Jin Hua is Fujian, short for Zhejiang Province, another name for Jiangxi Province, Anhui the 4 bibcock towns that visit area of cooperation of economy of 9 ground city, still have city of trade of justice black international, always city of crystal of city of hardware of health China science and technology, Pu Jiang, car of golden China urban district, autocycle course of study and development of its fittings estate are rapid. Foundation of golden China manufacturing industry is better, steam rub match, small commodities is made, the industry such as hardware tool shows group type to develop, already formed spin of information of medicine of measure of car and fittings, industry, biology, electron, food to wait for industry of 5 big dominant and IT to wait for burgeoning advantage industry at present, complete industrial catenary promoted development to create good base for mould industry.

Delta of the Yangtse River is Chinese economy most the area that develop, economic gross occupies countrywide first place firmly, industrialized level is in lead position in the whole nation, and have comprehensive strength extremely, economic vigor and development latent capacity. Long triangle is being become with each passing day carry on the Chongzhongzhi of the main area that international manufacturing industry transfers and Chinese manufacturing industry is heavy.
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