Abrasive of 2009 Shanghai international is ground, exceed hard data and besmear
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[exhibit meeting setting]

Shanghai is center of Chinese commerce, finance, economy, information, also be the main base of countrywide imports and exports, have advantaged market environment, in recent years, the delta of the Yangtse River that is a center with Shanghai owns numerous plant, the huge market space that the industrialized process place of its change quickly brings more be inspected by travelling merchant of China and foreign countries the ground that contends for surely, to accelerate industry whole quality and international competition ability, drive make this industry health develops, enlarge the communication between course of study of domestic and international person of the same trade and collaboration.

Current exhibit can develop with innovation of “ science and technology, collaboration, lead prospective ” to give priority to a problem, depend on excellent service, scientific and comprehensive conformity travels, and with new market concept, buy group and rich academic communication activity bulkily to dedicate to attend the meeting travelling merchant, the assemble, reveal domestic and international abrasive to grind a content of grinding science and technology tall, craft new, technology the technical equipment with advanced, good quality, user of farther stimulative terminal and make, the communication of branch of research and development and collaboration, grind a grinding industry to provide information of communication supply and demand and medium of communication of produce and sale for domestic and international abrasive, introduce trends of science and technology and development trend, the market translate into of achievement of stimulative science and technology offers to be gotten acquainted with each other to both sides of supply and demand, negotiate, trading place, grind bead to machine machinery of society, China by China international abrasive grinds association of business management association, Chinese mechanical and electrical products, sponsorred “2009 Shanghai, exceed hard data and besmear to add grind an exhibition ” , on April 14, 2009 - in Shanghai light congress exhibits a center 16 days to hold. Greeting ginseng is exhibited, look around.
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