International of the 3rd 2008 Yantai is plastic rubber industry exhibition
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Time: In May 2008 22-24 day
Place: Yantai international reads extensively center (park of Lai hill sports east)

Approve an unit: Government of Yantai city people

Sponsor an unit: Commission of trade of Yantai city economy

Undertake unit: Yantai gold Nuo can exhibit limited company

Specially invite unit: Han Shang invests industry association
Yantai foreign trader invests industry association
Consortium of a person of same business of Taiwan machine industry
Germany is plastic and mechanical association
Korea synthetic resin machines mechanical association
Manufacturers Association of machinery of European plastic balata
Limited company of car of Shanghai general Dong Yue
North runs quickly the passenger car is made (Yantai) limited company
Trigonometry tire Inc.
Limited company of Shandong exquisite rubber

Have the market dominant position of latent capacity most
Yantai is China first principal port city that opens a city littoral, be internationally base of advanced manufacturing industry, the car component with the biggest north produces base. Be located in Shandong peninsula the eastpart part, be close to the Bohai Sea and Yellow Sea, lie between sea facies to look with Korea peninsula, Japan, it is economy of annulus Bohai Sea inside the circle and East Asia area internationally city of harbor city, store, travel. It is Chinese northward economy developeds area, crossed comprehensive strength of city of " whole nation namely 1991 cavalcade of 50 strong " , was judged to be China 2004 the most attractive one of cities; 2006 Yantai row “ provides ” of city of investment value China most the 8th; the ” of “ gold city that of the same age ranked world bank to be chosen in August.
Yantai with nice area advantage, convenient traffic condition and superior industrial environment already attracted family of general motors, CSX, peaceful, Chinese have trade relations of car of outfit of tall, report, Feng Tian, Feng Tian, 3 modern electric equipment, . The general Dong Yue that introduces in last few years especially is machine tool of numerical control of mobile phone of car, tide LG, big house, contemporary glacial annulus boiler, Fuji He Meijin of health computer component the investment dimensions such as the sources of energy of 3 water chestnut content of big, science and technology is tall, add the current world with high cost, to be mixed currently implementation will span henceforth type develops infuse opportunity of survival and vigor.

Substantial company natural resources
The company owns abundant economic actual strength and extensive and stable client network, in exhibit market fixed position, can comprehensive plan, whole to run wait for a respect, accumulated rich experience, have original place. Take the service concept of deal with concrete matters relating to work, sincere letter, the success of base oneself upon at the client, pay attention to the survey of the market, inspect professional audience to be the lifeblood of exhibition, it is the secret that Jinnuohui exhibits a company to achieve beautiful performance repeatedly definitely. Hold to do for years exhibit experience, built giant professional audience database, through polymorphous type, much channel invite, bend force lets a client obtain satisfactory ginseng to exhibit the effect, make a client patulous in short time more business chance.
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