The installation of emery wheel, balance and nap
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The installation of 1. emery wheel

Answer in emery wheel of the installation on grinder special attention. Because emery wheel rotates in high speed,the condition leaves the job, microscope answers before using, not crackle of be patient of. Install must firm, should pass static balancing adjust, lest cause person and quality accident.

The aperture inside emery wheel and arenaceous axle or flange dish outside between the circle, cannot tighten too, otherwise the be heated when grinding expands, bilge emery wheel easily crack, also cannot loosen too, otherwise emery wheel is incidental prejudicial, overbalance, as a result causes vibration. Cooperate clearance to be 0.1~0.8mm commonly, clearance of high speed emery wheel wants a little bit small. Usage orchid dish when the emery wheel that hold clip, two flange dish diameter should equal, its external diameter should not be less than the 1/3 of emery wheel external diameter. In flange dish wait with cardboard of the application between emery wheel end panel or oil resistant rubber make liner, make pressure distributings equably, of nut screw force cannot pass big, otherwise emery wheel is met burst. Notice those who tighten solid whorl to come back to, should with emery wheel come back to contrary, become namely emery wheel is anticlockwise when rotating, with dextral whorl, such emery wheel fall in grinding strength effect, will drive nut to come back closer more.

The balance of 2. emery wheel

General diameter is more than the emery wheel of 125mm to want to have a balance, make the centre of gravity of emery wheel and coincide of its axis of rotation.

Lopsided emery wheel can produce vibration when high speed rotates, prize ring machines quality and machine tool precision, serious when still can cause engine damage and emery wheel disintegrate. Cause lopsided be being stranded formerly basically is emery wheel each part density is inhomogenous, geometrical appearance asymmetry and installation are prejudicial wait. Want to have a balance before installing emery wheel accordingly, the balance of emery wheel has static balancing with dynamic balancing two kinds. One besides below, need only static balancing, but cut in high speed mushroom (when speed is more than 50m/s) and tall compose to spend grinding, must undertake dynamic balancing. Next graphs are emery wheel static balancing device. It is emery wheel outfit when the balance on balance arbor make the same score the emery wheel that holds good intention axis next on the balance guide that puts balance wearing, emery wheel can be made swing back and forth, till swing,stop. The emery wheel of the balance can stop to be not moved in aleatoric position Dou Jing. If emery wheel is lopsided, criterion its always are to turn partly again relatively below. At this moment movably the position of balance piece makes its achieve a balance. The emery wheel that has balanced comes in installation should undertake crackle is checked first before machine tool main shaft, the emery wheel that has flaw is absolutely taboo. Should fill up between the emery wheel when installation and flange on 0. 5—1 book book stretch bolster plate: The diameter of two flange must equal, its dimension is the half of emery wheel diameter commonly. Between emery wheel and arenaceous axle or step flange due and certain clearance, lest main shaft be heated expands and bilge emery wheel crack.
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