Solder by new generation trend
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Lead (Pb) , it is a kind of poisonous metal, harmful to human body. And have to environment very big ruinous, stem from the requirement of environmental protection, especially of ISO14000 guide, world most nation begins to prohibit soldering the part that contains lead is used in material, solder without lead namely (Leadfree) .

Japan prohibited producing 2004 or the sale uses the electron that material having lead solders to produce equipment.

Euramerican prohibited producing 2006 or sell the electron that uses material having lead to solder to produce equipment. Use soldering without lead already was hasten of general trends place, a few large electrons of domestic process a business, can advance the development that China solders without lead quickly more.

The market research that the Works99 conference that director of center of Motolora advanced technique Dr. Iwona Turnik sponsors in IPC publishs makes clear in the report: 1. The consumer of 20% can consider environmental issue actively when buy. 2. Because the product is safe to the environment,the consumer of 45% buys intention is. 3. The consumer of 50% changes because discover it is harmful to the environment,the brand is. 4. The circumstance right-hand seat that the consumer of 76% will comparative in the price and quality selects environmental protection product first. For example, japan all large spending kind electronic product company is in product of the mass-produced electron that do not have lead, ” of “ green product is used to sell a site as competition when promoting, consume kind of electron market especially. The pine fell to rolled out CD of the miniature that do not have lead to broadcast 1998 machine, bag mount used the leaf of a green, regard environmental protection as safe mark, market share growth is remarkable: Arrive from 4.7% growth 15% . Automobile industry will be the main motive force that “ does not have plumbic ” trend.

Car “ is changed without plumbic ” be opposite not only environmental protection is good, and be able to bear or endure without what lead soldered to also improve solder to nod lukewarm character. Component of major car electron is in to start unit room by installation, because this should bear higher working temperature (be as high as centigrade 150 degrees) change with more acuteness temperature. Competitive pressure and concern are elbowed out to give the double consideration of international big market, make manufacturer of production of major main electron begins the whole world to prepare to do not have plumbic product. MII economy runs section chief of department Gao Zhenjie to introduce, brew two years long " electronic information product pollutes measure of government of prevention and cure " hopeful comes on stage inside year.
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