Innovatory cutting tool reveals manufacturing industry future to develop directi
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The pressure of cutting tool cost that the face asks to the cutting tool quality that improves increasingly and rises subsequently, ceaseless and perfect quality, efficiency and cost this 3 person the attention focus that becomes manufacturing company increasingly evenly. In view of the machine tool ceaseless front high speed changes trend development, high speed milling, compound turn treatment, and the imperceptible appearance cutting main way that makes cutting technology progress. The article combined actual application to introduce technology of multinomial and newest cutting tool, they have their not only advanced sex, practical also comparative strong, reflected the development direction of new-style henceforth manufacturing industry.

“ of gear cutting new idea goes be out of shape hob ”

It is under the close cooperation research with client and machine tool business, german blue banner - phenanthrene is special (LMT-FETTE) associated benefit round joint development goes Bohaierji three-in-one gang gear machines cutting tool. It replaces thick in the past mill - go burr - shave ages the 3 situations that have on different machine tool machine craft, hob of a rough machining, one goes burr pours “ of horny knife and hob of a finish machining to be out of shape hob ” (Twist-Free-Hob) installation is on same knife handle, make rough machining gear hobbing, tooth flank pours horn and gear finish machining these 3 measure can be finished on same table machine tool.

Gear cutting and go burr is finished on same machine tool, outfit of all cutting tool is on a knife handle, do not need any other artificial or the machine is repaired grind, also need not increase go the machine tool of burr and cutting tool. This is most gear finish machining of economy, particularly comfortable produce at the big batch of gear of identical or similar standards. And, rough machining and finish machining hob also can be designed independently, choose the tine number of optimization, groove number respectively, and special tooth form. Come so, rough machining hob can use the rapiddest treatment rate and need not the tooth form quality with attend to final work. And “ of finish machining hob goes be out of shape hob ” (graph 1) because do not need many cutting sheet second grind again, production lot exceeds those to be made at the same time apparently thick the hob with finish machining. Use finish machining hob to correct teeth shape error, can machine give those who do not have teeth shape error gear and helical gear. Hob uses the method of diagonally rolling cut, boiling cut surplus while eliminate teeth shape error, can supply higher gear carrying capacity and run smooth sex.

La Zhifei still develops a gear to pour horny cutting tool especially, save the cost of purify gear burr. The burr of coping of gear of purify of the first knife pouring wine cup pours wine cup. Divide root ministry burr and the 2nd knife pouring wine cup pours wine cup.
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