Exceed the research of fine diamond and application
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China exceeds hard data industry to pass 2005, the cruelty 2006 competes and should appeal to diamond fretsaw piece after the major test of the close a case that return do all one can, obtained 2007 develop steadily. In the meantime, what use a technology as big housing press is ceaseless and perfect and the ceaseless emerge in large numbers of catalyst new product, abrasive of our country making synthetic diamond once upon a time some year the frequent promotion that quantitative high speed increased to change a product to quality stage by stage, international market competition ability increases increasingly. Still point out at the same time, the industry wants flourishing progress, still must overcome a few problems that exist in the industry at present, diamond business is for instance global stocks is insufficient, assure the consistency of product function index hard; The malign competition of the price affects industry whole earnings; The spirit of unitive cooperation is lacked in international market competition, influence industry is mixed in the position in the international market figure; Brand consciousness is insufficient, affect ethical brand found and enterprise oneself benefit; The product class that exists in small pink production low, price is low, professional deficient, the technology develops ability difference, the difference of environmental protection consciousness element that restricts diamond industry development.

Diamond of domestic single crystal gets together crop of brilliant and accept rice diamond

The output of diamond of domestic single crystal: 100 million carat of 40-50 / year, diamond of single crystal of home of house world first place is small powdery output: 100 million carat of 4-5 / year (broken expect except) .

Get together brilliant (much brilliant) diamond small pink: The high temperature that uses dynamite explosion generation and use maximum pressure, make black lead changes Cheng Jujing diamond. Domestic and international output: Make an appointment with 2000-4000 10 thousand carat / year.

Diamond of detonation accept rice: The free carbon that place of explosion of the dynamite below the condition that balances in negative oxygen produces is atomic, the diamond small pink of accept rice class is formed below specific requirement. Domestic and international output: 10 thousand carat of 1000-2000 / year, productivity is very tall.

Exceed the research of fine diamond and preparation method

Mature increasingly in craft of diamond of quiet maximum pressure today, move diamond of high-pressured law complex to had become making synthetic diamond familial in an increasingly eye-catching member. In last few years, as the progress of domestic and international science and technology, the development of accept rice diamond in small pink domain is very rapid, relevant research achievement and manufacturing level already entered world advanced range, but at the same time, compare with the forerunner Russia that moves high-pressured diamond, existence difference is returned in a few respects, for this, we must strengthen the communication inside the industry and cooperation quickly, with the better new condition that gets used to domestic and international research and development and market, in the remain invincible in intense with each passing day competition.
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