How much does breed of cold curing of common epoxy resin know
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Enter 20 centuries since 90 time, in the light of hear resistance of annulus oxygen adhesive and cold curing the research of 2 respects gained a lot of headway. For example the scientific research orgnaization of Russia uses special type organic silicone and acyl of double Ma Lai inferior amine modified epoxy resin, make the top job temperature of adhesive rises to already obtained result to the research of 400 ℃ above. In recent years adhesive of the cold curing of all sorts of utility structure also is reported in succession, only the adhesive of double constituent cold curing that publication of a trade of American rolled out to the world 1993 has nearly 2000 kinds. But can hold a heat-resisting and cold curing concurrently at the same time the research even of these 2 kinds of characteristic annulus oxygen adhesive is not much. The expert introduced mainly a few days ago among them common model the cold curing adhesive that A of —— double phenol epoxy resin is base material.

Double phenolic A epoxy resin is epoxy resin familial in crop the one great variety with the biggest, most widespread use, to its the research of hear resistance and cold curing technology also matures most, a lot of products of this domain already put in the market and obtained good economic benefits. According to expert introduction, this respect is like glue of heat-resisting of homebred DG-2, DG-3 cold curing, carry balata of carboxyl fourth nitrile to react beforehand with double phenolic A epoxy resin and liquid, use modified amine and Mi Zun kind solidify agent, join auxiliary of right amount alkyl of organic silicon oxygen, cold curing can amount to highest intensity, use temperature to be able to amount to 150 ℃ after 7 days, t- come off intensity amounts to 30 ~ 60N/cm, can stick receive all sorts of data such as steel of aluminium and aluminium alloy, red copper, brass, stainless steel, carbon, nylon.

Having adhesive of a kind of homebred CY-22 additionally is the adhesive that reachs heat-resisting filling to be made up for bases with agent of solidify of amine of colophony of annulus oxygen 618(E-51) , modified, use via can be being thrown after solidify of room temperature 24h, the shear strength below 25 ℃ is 14.0MPa, in 120 ~ 150 ℃ also can retain particular strength. In addition this adhesive still has property of better compression, wear-resisting, divide usable outside making heat-resisting structure adhesive use, still can use as wear-resisting repairs agent and coating. Domestic researcher still developed adhesive of J-200-1D cold curing, choose Duan Yi polyurethane of cyanic acid radical gets together beforehand body undertakes modified to E-5l epoxy resin, abstained contain modified the compound solidify agent of fragrant amine structure, of the product stick receive strength tall, still have at the same time be able to bear or endure exceedingly goodly aging behavior of damp and hot.
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