The new sharp weapon that processes composite material -- DLC coating cutting to
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The DLC(that the near future develops successfully kind diamond) surface of coating cutting tool petitions noncrystalline organization, surface roughness is good, coefficient of friction is small, fight felt agglomeration function strong, hardness is close to diamond, it is the new sharp weapon that processes composite material.


As a result of composite material (if fiber enhances metal, fiber to enhance material of plastic, agglomeration, vycor and pottery and porcelain,wait for) , hardness is tall, some brittleness are big, some too strong pliable but strong, the fiber that enhances matrix and good material are equivalent to abrasive in cutting process conversely cutting tool of wear and tear, and hear resistance of composite material itself is tall, thermal conductivity is poor, cutting temperature is conducted do not go out, the red rigid of material of common cutting tool has certain limit, reason is worn away very quickly in the cutting tool in machining a process. These data can process previously have diamond only kind cutting tool, price of this kind of cutting tool is high; Be being organized as a result of its at the same time is diamond crystallization body, put in outstanding edges and corners, immediate impact machines exterior surface roughness, make cut bits eduction not free.


The DLC(with near future successful development kind diamond) the material of exceedingly good cutting tool that coating is treatment composite material. Below will diamond and kind the character of diamond makes one specification.




Diamond cent is:


① natural diamond (ND)—— crystallization anisotropy, undertaking blade is ground and when using, must choose proper direction.


② man-made gets together brilliant diamond (PCD)—— is raw material with black lead, in high temperature (about thousands of ℃ ) , high pressure (squelch agglomeration is formed below 500MPa) about. Isotropy of making synthetic diamond, hardness under ND, ND of tenacity prep above.


③ man-made gets together brilliant diamond is compound piece (PCD/CC)—— is with hard alloy bit is base, on its agglomeration or suppress give the PCD with thick 1.0mm of a 0.5 ~ , make compound bit, hold the character of hard alloy and PCD concurrently.


Cutting tool of coating of ④ diamond film (deposit of CD)—— chemically gas phase (CVD) method is in cutting tool surface Tu Fuyi layer is thick the diamond of 10 ~ 25μm is filmy, it is film of diamond of deposit below low-pressure condition complex.

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