System of abrade polish robot develops a success
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Website of Chinese Academy of Sciences reported on January 6, 2008: Recently, the development of ” of system of abrade polish robot develops the “ that academy of Inc. of new loose robot finished Shenyang to have own intellectual property the job, this system can be used extensively at cockpit transparent, the treatment rehabilitate of a variety of component such as mould and lamina works, have wide applied perspective.

Polishing is special robot system machines robot machinery by type of 5 axes frame composition of testing system of system of control of revolving stage of servo of noumenon, high accuracy, robot, ply, can right the machines an executive high quality, high accuracy abrade polish of different over all dimension, and can realize what ply detects and robot artifice manages laden force and moment of force detect, with protection workpiece is mixed improve polishing quality.

Researcher passes tough effort in time of nearly one year, solved the ply of curved surface of freedom of flexible and online space that adds workpiece to detect the vision of free curved surface that optical testing system of technology of technology, control of high accuracy robot, laser construction, implementation is based on robot high accuracy measures high accuracy of system, robot error of program and orbit control and large treatment robot. Via examining, the technical index of robot system satisfies the regulation of technical agreement and requirement completely.

According to researcher introduction, system of abrade polish robot obtains multinomial breakthrough on the technology, because used advanced vision to measure,pass feeling technology with brawn of fixed position technology, high accuracy, accordingly this system can make an appearance finish curved surface according to what differ the 3D digital-to-analogue of transparent housing rebuilds, and made sure curved surface rebuilds the repeatability of precision and carry motive compose is consistent; To raise the dependability of system of a complete set of, researcher uses the processor structure of much CPU in system of abrade polish robot; The system is had at the same time show teach a box to show teach and leave line process designing means of two kinds of process designing, and the dot controls fashion two kinds to dot or successive contrail; Can indicate each coordinate value, articulatory value, measured value in real time; Computation shows gesture cost, error is worth.

In real operation process, system of abrade polish robot carries pair of work above all measure, curved surface reframes and numeration vector, ply, machine what means and politic choice, treatment dictates to generate certainly thereby, begin operation of abrade, polish next. Used intelligent sensor technology, protection adds the manufacturing safety of workpiece; Achieved a variety of combination that machine means, include seesaw pattern treatment, automatic treatment, developed online detect, treatment process is emulated and robot system monitoring, management, diagnose and safeguard wait for a function. The intelligence of this robot system machines software to already reached level of commercial application software, can safeguard, replacement of Yi Kesheng class, the user defines setting function and convenient and agile man-machine interface; Have can suit to be added differently workpiece, online measure and the characteristic such as intelligent treatment.
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