Nitrogen changes carbolic cutting tool to process medium application in hornines
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Summary: The analysis is current the actor defect of all sorts of cutting tool material, review nitrogen to turn carbolic history, analytic nitrogen changes the feasibility that carbolic coating applies on cutting tool, the economic effect that changes carbolic cutting tool through studying nitrogen thinks nitrogen changes carbolic cutting tool to will have wide applied perspective.

The commonly used cutting tool in machining has high-speed steel cutting tool, hard alloy cutting tool, nitrogen to change titanium cutting tool, cubic nitrogen to change cutting tool of boracic cutting tool, diamond cutting tool, pottery and porcelain to wait by material classification. These cutting tool material have actor drawback each, cannot replace completely each other. The simple treatment to horniness face (like turning) usable hard alloy, cubic nitrogen turns the cutting tool such as boron, but intricate to appearance work (wait like gear) horniness face treatment, hard alloy, cubic nitrogen turns the cutting tool such as boron helpless, the process instrumentation that needs to seek other is like treatment of grinding, electric spark to wait. But efficiency of these treatment method treatment are low, electric spark treatment has the drawback with high cost more, and a little intricate work cannot use afore-mentioned methods, if find a kind of method to make,cutting tool can be ground with cutting era, can improve work efficiency greatly, reduce cost.

1 nitrogen turns carbolic history and performance

Nitrogen changes carbon is the ability at the beginning of 90 time those who appear is new-style exceed hard data. The person such as Cohen of 80 time later period predicts through theoretical calculation the compound β-C3N4 of similar β-Si3N4 structure may have the hardness that exceeds diamond, this says to cause the wide attention of domestic and international researcher instantly. Niu announced to get β-C3N4 film with laser ablation law above all 1993. Subsequently researcher uses an electron whirly resonance - deposit of chemical gas phase (magnetism of CVD of ECR - CVD) , heater, reaction accuses to splash shoot waited for a method to synthesize nitrogen successfully to convert carbolic film. The hardness that complex nitrogen converts carbolic film also is rising ceaselessly. Japanese Fujimoto with particle bundle the CNx film hardness that mixes deposit law to be formed on carbide underlay achieves 63GPa.

Wuhan university studies since 1994 nitrogen changes synthetic method of carbon. Accuse to splash with radio frequency CVD, magnetism early or late shoot waited for a method to synthesize nitrogen successfully to convert carbolic film, researched the plated film technology that nitrogen changes carbolic film to go up in high-speed steel underlay. The basis has a data, on cutting tool plating nitrogen converts carbolic film still is on alive bound first.
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