The problem with metallographic common cut is analysed
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Metallographic cut uses metallographic sample namely chip emery wheel or diamond curium piece block a program that undertakes through abrade polish physical assay examines metallographic to organize.

The problem that appears now is how to avoid to be in cut process burn, cut efficiency is low.

It is chosen emery wheel is spent whether forcedly above all tall or too low, if exorbitant organize with respect to metallographic of meeting occurrence burn, cannot the constituent structure that accurate test gives data, occurrence error. If hardness is too low,can appear cut efficiency bottom, wasteful cut piece. Can make cut process medium how not benefit of burn Ju Feng, need undertakes detecting to the hardness of material, use correctly what reach cooling fluid.

It is to choose cut next piece raw material, material of alumina of first selection of cut metal stuff, cut is not iron metal and material of carborundum of metalloid material first selection. Because cut metal stuff uses alumina material to won't produce chemical report with composition of the chemistry in the metal, be helpful for cut. Metalloid reach chemistry of the metal that be not iron mobile sex is small, activity of chemistry of carborundum material itself relatively alumina is small, cut performance is better, burn is small, wear and tear is small wait.

It is granuality again, the granuality that chooses moderate is helpful for cut. If the demand is keen,should choose thicker granuality, if cut claimed accuracy is tall, should choose granuality to slant fine abrasive.

Anyhow, the hardness that wants pair of sample in the problem in metallographic cut process and material undertake deciding is in choosing cut first character piece. Cut is chosen in what have specific aim piece material. Metallographic cut is different with common metal cut, common metal does not ask burn is begged only durable cut off much can.

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