Arenaceous belt the development existing state of affairs of grinding technology
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1. Overview

Arenaceous belt grinding can process all project data almost, each fields that produce to industry from average family life do not have place need not. Add grinding craft as the say new-style besmear that having ” of ” of “ all-purpose grinding and grinding of “ cold conditions, arenaceous the indispensable treatment method with take grinding technology to had been regarded as coequal and as important as emery wheel grinding. Make a comprehensive view in last few years domestic and international of all kinds machine tool and tool exhibition circumstance, join arenaceous band grinding is in domestic and international the applied state of each industry, can see arenaceous area grinding technology is producing mainer and mainer effect in manufacturing industry, having wide application and development perspective more.

2. Arenaceous belt trend of the domestic and international current situation of grinding technology, development

Arenaceous belt of abroad grinding development is very rapid, from 20 centuries since 60 time, especially electrostatic establish is arenaceous reach besmear to add those who grind a technology to appear reach development, the industrial developed country such as Europe, beautiful, day makes technology and arenaceous tape in arenaceous belt huge success was gained on grinder technology. Technical field is created in arenaceous belt, add abrasive and besmear to add formal occurrence as a lot of special besmear, if diamond, cubic chloridize is boracic,arose (CBN) , abrasive of zirconium corundum, pottery and porcelain, compound abrasive, accumulation abrasive of all kinds arenaceous belt, make arenaceous belt can have been used at working to grind, high speed, engorge knife measures the heavy grinding domain that wait, the grinding that reachs tall accurate part machines a domain. Japan has developed the diamond arenaceous area that serves as base with soft firm belt, can process the tall hardness data of a few special difficult treatment effectively, wait like single crystal silicon chip. In the world famous arenaceous belt the brand has DEER of Klingspor of VSM of Hermes of Norton of American 3M, United States, Germany, Germany, Germany, Korea, Japan bovine first class. In arenaceous belt grinder respect, have come greatly polishing width the giant and planar grinder of 5 meters of above, small the configuration such as the machine writing a tooth-like part of anything that uses to dentist each different is phyletic, additional, as the development of automation technology, like 6 axes arenaceous belt of 5 linkage numerical control grinder, robot arenaceous belt is grinding center, arenaceous the numerical control arenaceous area that takes grinding FMS, shunt-wound orgnaization grinder has gotten applied. Arenaceous belt it is important that grinding technology shows a kind of economic benefits to already became these developed countries to acquire high specified number method, and arenaceous belt grinding quantity already occupied grinding to always machine quantity half above.
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