Consider to make clear: Structure of diamond surface step is stabler than silico
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Well-known, when apparently when existence step structure, bring about those who hang key or additional meet an emergency to happen likely, be inferior to planar stability commonly consequently, this kind of case is really such to Si(001) surface. But, to diamond, although having identical crystal structure with silicon, its (the step structure of 001) surface is widely divergent with silicon however.

Recently, the Yang Hong of place of physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences square, Fang Zhong, Gu Changzhi's researcher mixes new, Xu Li American Lun Sile technical institute (the Zhang Sheng of RensselaerPolytechnicInstitute) 100 professors cooperate, the diamond that studied cleanness deep with the first principle (the step structure of 001) surface, through computation step is formed can, the plane that discovers step structure compares 2×1 structure is stabler. Already was published in newest first phase on January 14, 2008 as a result related " physics comments on wall bulletin " on.

Semiconductor surface the phenomenon of a the most widespread presence is to produce crystal lattice again compose, it brought about the surface to have all sorts of is different from the physical property inside body. As a result of the surface again the value that compose studies to the respect is had in foundation and application, come a few years people did much work. Whether offer a simple theory, the pattern with studying the semiconductor surface of a few models gives out when compose again definite thereby, this is the objective that people pursues for a long time.

Be based on this, they put forward to use exploration to carbolic element its again the plan key of compose is regular (Bond-CountingRule) , and apply at diamond (of 001) step face again compose, with computation the result does not have the accord of one exception. More thorough analysis discovers, the screwy σ key that stable step structure place causes compares planar 2×1 again compose wants little, bring about its consequently stabler. This new job discovered diamond (the essence that 001) surface step changes, computational result and at present the experimental result of observation of STM of foreign other group agrees completely, the step that pointed out diamond surface is changed what change with silicon surface step is essential and different, was familiar with the property of diamond surface step deep, laid a foundation to use diamond surface to make all sorts of high reliability parts of an apparatus or appliance. Afore-mentioned research works get the support of foundation of science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, country and project of ministry of science and technology.

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