Nap of emery wheel of grinder of shave tine knife implement numerical control ch
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Homebred YK7425 shave ages knife grinding machine develops development on the foundation of machine of roll flute of Y7125A large planar emery wheel, the involute surface of the knife inserting tine that basically is used at grinding straight tine and helix tine, shave tine knife and standard gear, also can use grinding straight tine and the involute face that helix ages. This kinds of machine tool is the crucial equipment with indispensible gear cutting, at present the market puts an amount thousands of, among them 95% above are vintage pure mechanical structure, not only structure efficiency of complex, treatment is low, and the experience that its machine precision to rely on jockey completely will assure, cannot satisfy large quantities of requirements that estimate industrialized production. Because this pair of numerical control of this kinds of machine tool are changed,transform having wide market perspective. Train of thought of design of 1 overall program
YK7425 numerical control changes transformed whole to design train of thought to include the following fields:
  1. The whole that passes pair of machine tool acts discovers after the analysis, link of emery wheel nap is had in whole grinding man-hour quite specific gravity, and the curve of emery wheel nap that different workpiece asks to differ. Master completely in the past by the experience of jockey, cannot assure the stability of grinding precision. We decide a numerical control to change transformed breach to choose in emery wheel nap implement on, choose control precision tall, dependability good, operation the numerical control system with handy, reasonable price will control emery wheel nap implement diamond moves, come true to undertake to emery wheel random gives curvilinear nap thereby.
  2. Considering nap of emery wheel of this machine tool implement the element of the respect such as travel of rigid structure, laden torsion, campaign and feed speed, the feed electromotor that requirement place chooses and its driver are in while with control systematic photograph matchs, still should satisfy precision tall, bulk small, weight light, torsion the technical demand with good character of big, low speed.
  3. Because emery wheel nap and workpiece grinding cannot undertake at the same time, need to retreat when emery wheel nap from by treatment tooth flank, await the restoration after nap ends. Reason wears emery wheel fluctuation (namely the advance and retreat of emery wheel) the movement realizes numerical control to change, can make grinding is adjusted more convenient, improve treatment efficiency further.

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