Arenaceous belt the development existing state of affairs of grinding technology
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The 3.5 difference that use modern technology to develop new molding sand to bring grinding machine

Current, foreign arenaceous belt grinder already had greater progress, arenaceous belt of a hunderd schools of know exactly about sth of global industry developed country grinder major production company, provide many 40 arenaceous area every year to the market grinder, these arenaceous belts grinder (contain wheelhead device) already developed the standard with compare of photograph of emery wheel grinder from the primary accessory level that serves as a machine tool, wait for modern technology to be united in wedlock cheek by jowl with CAX, NC, CNC, appeared 6 number of axle control arenaceous area grinder, robot arenaceous belt is grinding center, arenaceous the numerical control arenaceous area that takes grinding FMS, shunt-wound orgnaization advanced technique and the equipment such as grinder, and domestic arenaceous area grinder progress is slower, there is not little difference compared with abroad on research, experiment and development method, our country is current arenaceous belt grinder crop compares grinder and emery wheel to be about 1: 10 the left and right sides, according to statistic, our country of all kinds industry is annual to arenaceous belt the demand gross of grinder makes an appointment with 4 ~ 50 thousand, but because get foreign arenaceous tape the concussion of grinder, home is current arenaceous belt grinder major production company remains Chongqing only 3 grind the sea to amount to the business with the not much amount to such as 2 machine of grinder limited company, Beijing still having arenaceous area grinder production, accordingly, our country arenaceous belt grinder industry has opportunity already, also put in the challenge, remain to try best to catch up.

4. Arenaceous belt grinding key technology

According to domestic and international arenaceous belt the current situation of grinding technology is analysed with what develop a tendency, combinative our country is in arenaceous belt the with abroad difference on grinding technology, the author thinks arenaceous belt the crucial technique of grinding is main body is the following now 5 main fields.

4.1 arenaceous belts grinding basic research

Arenaceous belt the characteristic that grinding has compound treatment, its mechanism is more complex, accumulate contained question of more scientific basis, although come for years each country scholar to arenaceous belt grinding mechanism did very deep research, but so far of all kinds arenaceous belt the material purify of grinding is basic although mechanism is domestic and international the scholar did more research, but at present till, whole arenaceous area basic theory has not built the material purify of grinding. Because of exterior integrality, inferior the effect that the output parameter such as productivity of appearance of geometry of exterior layer injury, spare parts and grinding and polishing treatment suffers a lot of elements, to some enterprise, treatment craft is applied or control very well to abrade polish likely, but cannot forecast its to machine behavior almost however before treatment. Accordingly, be necessary to develop arenaceous area deep the research of grinding treatment mechanism and relevant craft. Carry the research of pair of grinding mechanism and grinding craft only, announce all sorts of grinding processes, the essence of grinding phenomenon, find out its change rule, ability defines first-rate grinding scope, get first-rate grinding parameter. This is our industry domain the main task of a long-term basic research.
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