The research of emery wheel of metallic bond diamond and progress (one)
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1. foreword
Change boron by diamond or cubic nitrogen (CBN) abrasive makes exceed hard abrasive emery wheel, because of its good grinding performance, use extensively already at each respects of grinding domain. Diamond emery wheel is the tool of specially good effect of the tall hard fragile data such as grinding hard alloy, glass, pottery and porcelain, gem.
In last few years, as high speed grinding and the rapid development that exceed accurate grinding technology, raised taller requirement to emery wheel, the emery wheel of pottery and porcelain and colophony bond already cannot satisfy manufacturing need, metallic bond emery wheel combines strength because of its tall, shape good, service life grows the gender wait for remarkable character and aborning received wide application. Emery wheel of metallic bond diamond differs to basically have by production means have agglomeration and eletroplate two sort. Transcend the action of hard abrasive for sufficient play, abroad from 20 centuries begin to use craft of solder of high temperature drill rod to develop a kind of new-style emery wheel at the beginning of 90 time, namely solder of drill rod of monolayer high temperature exceeds hard abrasive emery wheel, at present this kind of domestic emery wheel still is in development to develop level.
2. agglomeration diamond
Emery wheel of bond of emery wheel agglomeration metal serves as bond with the metal such as bronze more, use legal system of high temperature agglomeration to build, its union strength is high, shape the gender is good, high temperature resistant, thermal conductivity and wearability are good, service life is long, can bear bigger negative charge. Because emery wheel is in agglomeration process,inevitably existence is worn systole and be out of shape, must have plastic to emery wheel before use so, but emery wheel nap is more difficult. The commonly used emery wheel in be being produced at present is not only to rolling plastic method when nap take time is arduous, and the desquamation of grain of the diamond in nap process is more, of itself of nap emery wheel use up very big, plastic precision is inferior. In recent years each country scholar began the research work that uses emery wheel of diamond of bond of metal of nap of non-traditional machining method in succession, basically have electroanalysis law of nap law, electric spark nap and compound nap law. Electroanalysis nap law rate is rapid, but plastic precision is not tall; Precision of plastics of law of electric spark nap is tall, already but plastic can build fighting spirit again, but plastic rate is slower; Compound nap law has electroanalysis electric spark is mechanical and compound nap law, chemical compound nap law, nap effect is better, but the system is more complex, because the nap problem of emery wheel of this agglomeration diamond still did not get,solve very well. In addition, because the workmanship of emery wheel decided appearance of its surface form is random, the geometrical appearance that wears bead each, distributing reach cutting blade located height is abhorrent, because there is cutting blade to cut work only when this grinding, those who limitted grinding quality and grinding efficiency is farther rise.
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